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You must have installed Java Runtime Enviroment SE 6. You can download the latest release from this site
If you are using a browser Firefox its requires at least Java version 6 update 10th. See Why Java does not work Firefox
You can also see: Using the plugin Java in Firefox

Text presenter

Text presenter is online application to improve your speed reading. The application has following functionality:

  1. Use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste the text into text screen in Text presenter.
    Click the text screen before paste.

      Text presenter - online application

  2. Use Text 
    • in column to display text in column(s)
    • in cell to display text in one place. This mode increase your speed reading because you can focus in one place
  3. Use the Display Mode
    • word - to display whole words in column(s)
    • cell - whole column's width is used to display text. In this mode , words can be split
  4. Use control sliders to change:
    • speed reading
    • column width
    • the number of columns
    • font size

Field of view

Field of view is an application to verify and assess the field of view. Below are the steps to work with this program:

  1. On the startup screen, set the initial conditions for the sliders on the left side

      Field of view - first step

    , and then click the button Start button for field of view test to start the field of view test.
  2. After pressing play, random string (words) will appear for a fixed time setted before by slider Display Time :

      Field of view - second step

  3. After Display time, string (words) will appear (the same as in step 2 and additional random string (words))

      Field of view - third step

    At this moment you should clicks string (words), the same as in step 2. Properly clicks change string (word) color to green, incorrect change color to red

      Field of view - three two step

    After all properly clicks , the displaying sequence is repeated 9 times.
    At any time you can interrupt the test by pressing Stop button
  4. After a sequence of 10 snapshots or after pressing stop button, the result screen will show a summary of the vision and the score calculated on the basis of the algorithm, fr.

      Field of view - fourth step

    After pressing Next button the startup screen will appear with the possibility of setting the initial conditions (see Section 1)