Set the rhythm of reading by reading the speed slider and set the field of view by moving the slider width of the column, and then click Play.
NOTE: For proper operation, online program requires Java installed JRE6.0. View How to use site for quick reading.

Presenter text is a program that allows online speed reading training texts. Through systematic training improves the speed of speed reading. The program allows you to adjust the width of a column of text to the field of view of the user, to set the rate of speed reading tailored to the user's reading speed. With this functionality the program is ideally suited to the elimination of regression, the elimination of returns to have the text read. The program also offers the possibility to divide the text into multiple columns that can be used to the decrease of the number of hops sight (the so-called fixation) to 2 or 3 on a line which greatly accelerates the speed of reading.