Speed reading

Most people read at 200 words per minute. However, the human brain can easily take more information. Hence, reading 200 words per minute, most people start to get bored, can not concentrate on reading, start thinking about something else. Nowadays, in the era of the Internet and the information very useful is the ability of speed reading. Speed reading techniques to boost the pace of reading two or even a few times. Speed reading can be used to browse the internet, online articles, and in the printed press, reading documentation, reading, search relevant information in the text. It is at this point, however, that we should not hurry when one reads for pleasure such as literature or novels. But if we want to gather as much information as quickly as possible then I would recommend speed reading course.

Speed reading is to eliminate some bad habits while reading and to strengthen the capacities of the assimilation of information by the human brain.


or regression in the text. Often the reader when reading COFI a few words back to capture the meaning of the sentence, the habit is very much slows down the pace. The site includes a module fasterreader Presenter text eliminate regression allows for quick reading. Presenter text allows to set the reading speed constant from 100 to 2000 words per minute thus effectively eliminating regression.


Field of view is very important when speed reading. Based on the simple principle - the more text you can see at a glance the sooner we read. To increase the field of view are ideal Schultz tables generator to click , Pyramid of words. Also, the module View , , Which also allows you to practice the elimination of repetition of words in my mind


vocalization, - repeating in my mind read words. Eliminating vocalization can read a few thousand words a minute. Some sources, however, that you can quickly read the habit of vocalization up to a thousand words a minute. This habit is difficult to eliminate so if someone reading speed just at the limit of up to 1000 words per minute, you should not spend time on the elimination of vocalization.
To eliminate the vocalization, the tap while you are reading the right rhythm, or whistle or sing. Initial attempts to make the reader either focus only on the pecking rhythm or losing the rhythm of the text, or ceasing to whistle. With time, however, at once easier for him to combine the two activities. The site fasterreader to eliminate vocalization module can be used View . It allows you to check the width of the field of vision and observed the way the correctness of the words (characters) by clicking on matching.

Reading with indicator

The simplest technique of speed reading is to read the index. The indicator we can use for example a pencil, pen or finger. Following the index less eye fatigue and at the same habit regression is eliminated.

Saving time

The following tables show how much time you can save by increasing your reading speed, respectively: The time you save can be spent on other pleasures: resting, walking, swimming, video games, running, riding a bike or reading another reading

    number of words per minute
number of days
200 300 400 500 600
1 days -- 15min 30min 36min 40min
week -- 1h45min 3h30min 4h12min  4h40min
month --  7h30min  15h  18h  20h
year --  3d19h15min  7d14h30min  9d3h  10d3h20min

Table 1 Time saving in comparison to the reader reading one hour a day at a speed of 200 words per minute.

    number of words per minute
number of days
200 300 400 500 600
1 days -- 30min 1h 1h12min 1h20min
week -- 3h30min 7h 8h24min 9h20min
month -- 15h 1d6h 1d12h 1d16h
year -- 7d14h30min 15d5h 18d6h 20d6h40min

Table 2 Time saving in comparison to the reader reading after 2 hours per day at a speed of 200 words per minute.

Speed reading course plan

Below is a proposed plan to speed reading course, is of course only one of the possible types of training. Anyone can customize exercises to suit your needs and preferences.

  • 8 weeks after 6 days a week for at least 35 minutes a day:

Be sure to join the training as calm and focused. Then the effects of learning speed reading will be the best.
Before each training week, test your reading speed and comprehension level to check the progress of science and to set the base rate for the week

Week 1-8:

  • - expand the field of view using one of the following programs:
    • Duration: 10 min / day
  • - elimination regression using:
    • Really fast reading :)
    • Reading speed 4 times greater than the speed obtained at the beginning of the week
      Running time: 2 min / day
    • Speed read: 3 times greater than the speed achieved at the beginning of the week
      Duration: 3 min / day
    • Reading speed 2 times greater than the speed obtained at the beginning of the week
      Duration: 5 minutes / day
    • Reading speed 10% greater than that obtained at the beginning of the week
      Duration: 15 min / day
    Exercise most of their own texts, eg copy of your favorite websites and electronic books. Presenter text makes it possible to paste text from the clipboard.

  • Good luck :)